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Authenticity / Nature

Authenticity / Nature

Overlooking the curves of the Loire, hanging on the cliff of tuffeau, "Les Hautes Roches" dominates the royal river of its terraces and gardens. In this natural setting, in the heart of the vineyard of Vouvray, preserved by the inscription of the Val de Loire at the U.N.E.S.C.O., It is still one of the rare places where nothing does damage the shore opposite.

Heritage & Culture

At the heart of a preserved landscape, the Hautes Roches estate is also at the center of a remarkable historical and cultural complex. Around Rochecorbon, the Châteaux de la Loire reveal their unique architectural heritage.
(The following information has not been translated.):
- Château d'Amboise, a unique architectural testimony of the feudal character and Renaissance refinement (18 km)
- Château de Cheverny, whose interior decoration restores the intact charm of the 17th century to 79
- Château de Chenonceau, jewel of the Renaissance spanning the Cher (30 km)
- Château de Villandry and its splendid set of terraced gardens (25 km)
- Château de Chambord, the largest of the Châteaux of the Loire, nicknamed "my home" by François Ier (79 km, in the direction of Blois)
- Le Clos Lucé, last residence of Leonardo da Vinci (18 km, on Amboise) To enjoy the region, there is no need to travel for miles.

Relaxation & Discoveries

The nearby Loire and neighboring wine estates offer many activities for relaxation and discovery. (The following information has not been translated.)
Some ways to follow:
- A descent of the Loire in canoe.
- A cruise on the Loire, an hour of peaceful and contemplative sailing.
- An oenotouristic journey with visit of cellars and tasting. The domaine of Marc Brédif is ideal for learning the subtle aromas of the great wines of Vouvray.
- The road to the vineyard .... At the gates of Tours, legend has it that it was Saint Martin who planted the vine in Touraine in the 4th century. These first ranks would be those that still overlook the Abbey of Marmoutier, Whatever the case, the good idea has since made way on both sides of the Loire!
- A visit to the Museum of Companionship, a place of artistic crafts, housing the history and masterpieces of the Companions of the Tour de France (7.5 km, in Tours)
- And also: a golf course (18 holes located 22 km and 9 holes, 9 km), a flight over the Châteaux de la Loire in a hot air balloon ... or simply a dip in the pool area

Inspiration & Creativity

Many artists and craftsmen have drawn inspiration from the meanderings of the Loire and the authenticity of the landscapes that surround it. True muse, this Touraine celebrated by Balzac has always favored the creative breath. Illustrious artists, such as the sculptor Calder and the painter Olivier Debré, made them their land of choice.

Today, the renowned Michel Audiard creates sculptures, pens, furniture, jewelry and accessories. Catherine Barthelemy draws from nature the elements of a colorful painting.
The region is also a fertile breeding ground for the tableware and the vine. Renowned toques and producers of prestigious wines nourish their vocation. It is here, in particular, that Frédéric Bourillon Dorléans perpetuates the tradition and quality of the wines of Vouvray.

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